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Mercillia: When Judgment Meets Truth $13.95

(click on Bookstore and in the search box type in Mercillia)


Mercillia: When Judgment Meets Truth is a novel filled with heart. Its main character; Kellen McDaniel is a young man who has turned his back on his first love; God. He sets out to live life on his terms and finds out that his ways have exposed him to HIV and various trials and tribulations that have brought him to his knees, crying out to God. Although he realizes that it is his responsibility to correct his irresponsibility, he is sidelined by the sudden course of events that will shake his faith and sever his family.

Mercillia II: Redemptive Promise $13.45 (ebook available)

(click on Bookstore, delete info in search box and type in Mercillia)


Kellen McDaniel sought God's deliverance from vicious attacks against his family. But what he discovered through trials that tested his faith and endurance, was his strengths and his destiny. His purpose is revealed as he cries out to God for direction, and he is humbled by his calling.

May these works bless and edi-tain you. To God be the glory!!!

Love you all and thank you for your support,

Audrey (A. Lin.) Thomas   

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